Put a socially distanced smile on your friends, family, or neighbors face with this buttercream iced cookie box. This box features 8 cookies; 6 feet cookies (get it... 6 feet! - we are so punny!), the quintessential mask, and hand sanitizer!


Curb-side pickup and delivery available within a 5 mile radius of 108 W. Franklin Street in Bellbrook. Ask about shipping to send your cookie box to those out of town!

Covid Safety Kit (Cookie Box)

Pickup / Delivery
  • This dessert box is avaialble for pickup and limited delivery within a 5 mile radius (see map above). Please enter your contact information in the space provided below and indicate a preferred pickup/delivery date (minimum 2 business day advanced notice - please contact us if requested sooner). We will contact you if we are not able to satisfy the date request to discuss alternatives.

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