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"The Secret Ingredient is Always Love"

Simply Decadent is an award-winning, family-owned dessert bakery located in the charming town of Bellbrook, Ohio. With a deep passion for crafting irresistible desserts, the bakery has been serving up sweet treats that satisfy the taste buds and leave customers coming back for more.


Simply Decadent's motto, "Desserts Designed for You," embodies the bakery's commitment to creating personalized desserts that cater to each customer's unique tastes and preferences.


From wedding cakes to birthday cookies, each dessert is made with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, and adorned with intricate designs that are almost too beautiful to eat. The bakery's dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as one of the best dessert destinations in the area, and a must-have for your next celebration!

Meet The Team


Adonica Collins- Smith

Adonica has been decorating cakes and other desserts for over 10 years, first with other local bakeries and now with Simply Decadent. She is highly skilled at sculpting and bringing to life 3D cake creations ranging from client cars to magnificent dragons and animals. She brings an absolutely unique style and vision to the cakes and desserts she creates. Adonica resides in Fairborn with her husband and two pet chihuahuas. In addition to her daughter, Jackie, Adonica has a son, Tyler.    


Debby Fuller

Debby has been a Bellbrook resident for more than 20 years. Her two sons are Bellbrook High School alumni. She has been decorating wedding and special occasion cakes, along with baking delicious brownies, cookies, and other goodies for over 30 years. Debby was a stay at home mom and began decorating when her oldest son was six months old. What started as a desire to learn to make an icing rose, grew into a love for creating personalized cakes. Debby's favorite part of creating cakes is getting to see how happy and pleased people are with the results. She firmly believes that the creations should taste as wonderful as they look.


Jackie Fuller

Jackie is a Bellbrook High School alumna and current Bellbrook resident. She has lived in and around the Dayton region most of her life and was heavily involved in Bellbrook's marching band and theater during her high school career. While attending Wright State University, she worked at a local bakery and has continued making personalized desserts for family and friends for the past ten years. Jackie is a perfectionist at heart and loves advanced techniques such as gum paste and chocolate molding, as well as experimenting with new decorating techniques and recipes. She has even developed her own marshmallow fondant recipe which is both beautiful and delicious! 

Together, they are the brains, talent, beauty, and passion behind Simply Decadent! 


The Simply Decadent Difference

We don't ask you to choose a standard design made from a frozen cake. We fresh bake and custom design all our desserts to create a unique, beautiful, and delectable treat for you, your friends, and your family!

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