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6 Things You May Not Know About Simply Decadent

1. Fresh Baked is the Name of the Game!!

Simply Decadent prides itself on fresh baking desserts for our clients. This means that our cakes are never frozen and are baked just for you a day or so (sometimes even hours) in advance. You can smell the difference whenever you walk into our bakery and catch a whiff of fresh-out-of-the oven cakes, brownies, and cookies!

2. It's a Family Affair!

Simply Decadent is owned and operated by three amazing and dedicated women. Debby, Jackie, and Adonica are also family! You may even see the next generation in the bakery once in a while acting in their official capacities of "Taste Testers"!

3. Years of Experience!

Adonica, Jackie, and Debby have been baking and decorating cakes and other desserts for years. While we would never discuss age, let's just say that, combined, they have decades of experience!! This experience manifests itself in the design of each cake and in the ability to exceed client's expectations! You can learn more about our owners here.

4. Wholesome, Unique Recipes

We developed our own recipes to offer a delicious, unique dessert experience. While some bakeries are content to use store-bought boxed cake mixes, we believe our clients deserve better. Baked from scratch, our vanilla cake, for example, is deliciously moist and uses only 9 ingredients. Compare that to the boxed mix which includes 25 or more ingredients. It's a little thing but it makes so much difference!

Many of our recipes take advantage of berries, fruits, and vegetables as well. These fresh flavors further enhance the dessert experience and create taste profiles that will make you say "Wow"!

5. Desserts Designed for You!

It's not just our motto, it's a way of life. While we are happy to make a cake just like one you saw online, we also love creating custom, unique desserts tailored to each client. We thrive designing and creating cakes that scare other bakeries.

6. Something for Everyone!

In addition to our large and ever growing list of decadent cake, icing, and filling combinations, we offer something sweet to satisfy every palate! We even have desserts designed for dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegan, sugar free, and dairy free.


Simply Decadent is a premier dessert bakery located in Bellbrook, Ohio. Founded in 2017 by three amazing women, Simply Decadent has established itself as a destination for fresh baked, great tasting, beautiful desserts that are customized to the client. Combining personalized service with years of experience, the owners of Simply Decadent treat your special events like their own. To learn more about owners Jackie, Adonica, and Debby, and the history of Simply Decadent, click here.

Have a question? Contact us here!

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