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A Tasting Experience Like No Other!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Most bakeries offer engaged couples an opportunity to sample cakes before a wedding purchase. This tasting and consultation is critical when selecting your wedding bakery! It gives you the opportunity to get to know the bakers, understand their styles and specialties, and, of course, EAT CAKE!

Wedding Cakes - The Centerpiece of a Wedding

The tasting should be an experience unto itself. When you arrive at Simply Decadent, you meet with our wedding designers and are escorted into a private tasting room complete with example wedding cakes and outfitted with premium linens and decor, courtesy of Kosins Tents and Events ( It is important to feel comfortable with the bakery who will be responsible for preparing and delivering your special treats for your special day (Simply Decadent was recently awarded the Couples' Choice Award by WeddingWire)!

Private Tasting Room at Simply Decadent

During the dual tasting and consultation, we work to first understand the vision our clients have for their wedding desserts. These desserts are often a reflection of the couple and can range from a traditional cake to cupcakes, cookies, dessert bars, cheesecakes, cookie cakes and many other options. Our client's design and flavor preferences are discussed and recommendations are given by the bakers. For those who are new to the wedding dessert search, you can check out our Wedding Desserts 101!

At Simply Decadent, we offer two magnificent tasting options for those lucky enough to get an appointment. The first option provides a taste of both the renowned vanilla and chocolate cakes along with the client's choice of one Decadent flavor. This option is provided free of charge for prospective wedding clients.

Decadent Cupcake Flight Experience

Our ultimate tasting experience was recently unveiled! It was inspired by local breweries and their popular beer flights. Simply Decadent's Cupcake Flight Experience provides a next level tasting experience for a future bride and groom. The flight is served on beautifully handcrafted, specially-made walnut and oak pallet. Clients are treated to the deliciously moist vanilla and chocolate cakes, two decadent cupcake flavors of the client's choosing, and two flavors hand selected by our wedding experts. This experience is $20 and 100% of that can be applied toward the purchase of your wedding desserts once the contract is signed.

The unique cupcake flight experience courtesy of Simply Decadent

For either tasting option we suggest that the couples come with a few things to help the consultation go smoothly. First, an idea of what kind of dessert they are looking for, whether that be a traditional tiered cake, a small cake with cupcakes or cutting cakes, a dessert bar, or anything else the couple can imagine. Second, an estimate of the number of guest to be served is very helpful. Third, any design ideas they have. Design ideas can come from anywhere (Pinterest, invitations, flowers, seasons, hobbies or pop culture). Also if the wedding colors have been chosen it is best if something can be left at the bakery for color matching. We love working with the couple to design a cake that represents their style and personality on their special day. To see some examples of our recent cakes, click here!

Examples of cake, icing, and filling options!

Schedule Your Tasting

We work with you to find a time that fits within your schedule. We typically suggest reserving 30 mins to 1 hour for your tasting and consultation, although some are shorter and some are longer. There are so many ways for you to reach out to discuss your wedding dessert needs:

Via Phone: 1-937-310-1305

Or by coming in: 108 W. Franklin St. Bellbrook, OH 45305



Simply Decadent is a premier dessert bakery located in Bellbrook, Ohio. Founded in 2017 by three amazing women, Simply Decadent has established itself as a destination for fresh baked, great tasting, beautiful desserts that are customized to the client. Combining personalized service with years of experience, the owners of Simply Decadent treat your special events like their own. To learn more about owners Jackie, Adonica, and Debby, and the history of Simply Decadent, click here.

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