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Cookies and Sushi: An Unexpectedly Delicious Combo

Some flavors go together without a second though: peanut butter and chocolate, milk and cookies, apples and cinnamon. Then there are the less expected combinations that just work.

Cookies and Sushi - Better than you would expect!

Simply Decadent recently announced a working relationship with the custom sushi restaurant, FUSIAN! Specifically, SD is working closely with one of the three local FUSIAN locations to offer custom decorated, and delicious sugar cookies for dessert after you finish your sushi, rice bowl, or salad. You can visit FUSIAN Beavercreek at 2733 Fairfield Commons

The Mall at Fairfield Commons Beavercreek, OH 45431 or order online for pickup or delivery.

FUSIAN Sushi Rolls

Custom Logo Cookies

Simply Decadent worked closely with FUSIAN to develop a cookie that fit with their brand and complimented their unique atmosphere and flavor. SD utilized their royal icing expertise to recreate FUSIAN's logo in cookie form. How'd we do???


Simply Decadent is a premier dessert bakery located in Bellbrook, Ohio. Founded in 2017 by three amazing women, Simply Decadent has established itself as a destination for fresh baked, great tasting, beautiful desserts that are customized to the client. While any dessert is within reach, Simply Decadent focuses on Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Special Occasion Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and various Dessert Bars! Combining personalized service with years of experience, the owners of Simply Decadent treat your special events like their own. To learn more about owners Jackie, Adonica, and Debby, and the history of Simply Decadent, click here.

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