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A Beautiful, Decadent V-Day Gift

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many in the Miami Valley are trying to find that perfect gift for their special someone. Many of the traditional options, a nice card, flowers, or sweets, don't have the unique pizazz and thoughtful meaning many are searching for.


This was the thought when Simply Decadent began conceiving of a Valentine's offering that was unique, beautiful, personalized, and of course, delicious. Jackie Fuller, one of the owner's of Simply Decadent, developed a concept merging the traditional flowers with an edible dessert. The result, a hand-sculpted, life-like bouquet of rose cake pops!

These beautiful roses are actually delicious cake pops wrapped in hand-sculpted chocolate rose petals. The cake inside the pops can be traditional chocolate or vanilla, or a combination of both. A typical bouquet consists of 5 flowers and a heart that can be personalized for the recipient. "Some people want traditional pet names such as sweetie, honey, or babe, while others elect for the name of their Valentine", owner Debby explained. "It is always fun when a unique request is made".

While certainly a unique and memorable gift, the Cake Pop Rose Bouquet isn't the only offering from Simply Decadent for your special someone. They also offer a host of beautiful and delicious Valentine treats including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and more.

Want to place an order to surprise your Valentine? Or do you want to discuss desserts for an upcoming special occasion like a birthday, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, graduation, party, or get together, just call us at 937-545-2614, email us at, or send us a message here.


Simply Decadent is a premier dessert bakery located in Bellbrook, Ohio. Founded in 2017 by three amazing women, Simply Decadent has established itself as a destination for fresh baked, great tasting, beautiful desserts that are customized to the client. Combining personalized service with years of experience, the owners of Simply Decadent treat your special events like their own. To learn more about owners Jackie, Adonica, and Debby, and the history of Simply Decadent, click here.

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